Signage aggregation. Part two.


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Why is the aggregator-platform a matter of course?

The business is in constant search of effective advertisement sources, including the Indoor Digital technologies. Obviously, creating a video screen network is a capital-intensive and technically complicated procedure, which demands infrastructure support and some hard work with filling the broadcasting time with the ads. It is also quite difficult to achieve the uniformity of the installation places of the video screens in one geographical location. The aggregator platform is a fine solution to all the indicated problems and is a driving force for the Indoor Digital market development. In particular, it fulfills the following tasks:

* The owners of the video screen networks, combined into one virtual network, due to the scale effect, increase their value, raise the cost of the broadcasting time and get the opportunity to receive major advertising contracts.
* The video screen owners, who install their displays in a narrow geographical location in small amounts in various clusters (railway stations, bus stops, business centers, car washes etc.), make their contribution to the formation of similar clusters of bigger scale, which brings additional value and rebounds with more advertisement broadcasting time. It is obvious, that without the aggregator the entrepreneur will face difficulties to engage the advertisers into dissimilar video screen network. And to build a uniform network with only one type of clusters is very expensive, complicated and almost impossible to do in a narrow location.

Best Regards,
Mikhail Andriyashin.